Special Education Teacher Graduates' Testimonials

benisRyan Benis, Special Education Teacher Graduate

I am the intermediate emotional support teacher at Robb Elementary in the Keystone Central School District. My experience at LHU was great. I learned a lot from my professors and had personal relationships with all of them. The professors really go out of their way to build a relationship with us and do all they can to prepare us for our future careers. I couldn't be happier with my time at Lock Haven and where it has led me.


Liz Rusbuldt, Special Education Teacher Graduate  rusbuldt

I am teaching 7-8th grade U.S. History at Bullhead City Junior High in Arizona. I am starting graduate school in Educational Leadership online in January at Augusta State University in Georgia. The education program at Lock Haven was outstanding. It prepared me for not only teaching in Pennsylvania, but teaching everywhere. I don't think I would have been as prepared for life in Arizona if it wasn't for the extensive amount of preparation the education department makes their students go through before graduating. 


edwardsAmanda Edwards, Special Education Teacher Graduate

I work for Berkeley County Schools at Berkeley Heights Elementary in West Virginia. I'm teaching Autism K-1. I have 7 students and 2 aides to manage everyday.




Ashley Herr, Special Education Teacher Graduate  herr

My school title consists of Life skills / Autistic Support / Multi Disabilities. There are 3 of us that teach the life skills program at Methacton High School in the Methacton School District, where I graduated from in 2008. I am responsible for all of the language arts classes in life skills. All of the kids (grades 9-12) are split into 3 different leveled groups based on their abilities. I see each group throughout the day in their different leveled section of language arts. I also teach a class called community studies and a per-vocational skills class for life skills that each group rotates through during the school year.



Vince Fili, Special Education Teacher Graduate  fili

Upon graduation I was offered a job with the Camelot School Services. The program I am working with is an accelerated program for high school students who have fallen back on credits and still wish to graduate.Some high school students have potential, but lack motivation. They may not display disruptive behavior, but they still require a special program to succeed academically. Camelot has tapped into special needs of those students by developing comprehensive accelerated high school programs for the School Districts of Philadelphia, Camden and Lancaster, PA.  I will be working as the Special Education coordinator for about 75 students who are going through the accelerated program at Chester High School in Chester County, PA. I will be the IEP Manager for the students as well as working in inclusion type of environment as well as pull-out structure. Thank you to the entire Special Education Department who have helped me so much to get to this point. 

 Adam Herzing, Special Education Teacher Graduate  


I am working for the Central Intermediate Unit #10 as a Life Skills teacher in the West Branch Area School District. I teach grades 7-12 and my kids span the ages of 11-21. I have 15 students in total with a great range in abilities.



decesarisSamantha Decesaris, Special Education Teacher Graduate

I graduated from Lock Haven University in the spring of 2013.  I currently am teaching in the state of Tennessee.  I am working at Barkers Mill Elementary in Clarksville, TN as a resource teacher for 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade.  I have the best students and love working with the kiddos.  I would not be able to be a successful teacher with out the support and instruction my professors provided me with at Lock Haven!  I am especially thankful for Dr. Moore’s assessment course during SPEC block, in TN teachers can give achievement test (the Woodcock Johnson has been my best friend these past two months).  Since August 9th when school started, I have given about 10 to 15 achievement tests!  I have been super busy since school has started with IEP’s and testing!  I have had a great experience here so far and I am looking forward to the rest of the year.

 Kendra Singletary, Special Education Teacher Graduate  


After graduation, I moved to Pittsburgh and took a long-term substitute position at my high school Alma Mater.  In the spring, I attended a job fair at Penn State and interviewed with a representative from the Hawaii Department of Education.  I am now in my fourth year of teaching on the island of O’ahu.  My training at Lock Haven University gave me the skills in teaching and leadership needed to succeed at my job.  I am so thankful for the small classes and patient professors who taught me how to teach.  LHU’s reputation and training has given me the opportunity to do what I love in paradise!