Program Overview

The Fine Arts major learns that humanity provides the background for all art. It is the human experience and condition that lays the  foundation upon which the creation and evaluation of art rests. A Fine Arts major with an art emphasis features studio experiences  combined with a broad-based liberal arts background. Students will take  courses in western and non-western art history, as well as studio  courses such as drawing, painting, sculpture, pottery, arts and crafts,  photography and electronic art as part of this multi-faceted major.    Course  Descriptions can be found here.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Art

This flexible program allows you to select courses  from a wide variety of studio art and art history offerings and choose an area  of specialization. You will be introduced to traditional and contemporary art  media and content to help you develop visual literacy and aesthetic awareness.  You will learn to appreciate art and learn about the history and culture of  art-making peoples past and present. In your senior year, you will be required  to exhibit your work in the John Sloan Arts Center gallery.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Studio Art

The Bachelor of Fine Art is a  professional degree and requires a more concentrated and specific art  experience. You may choose to concentrate in one of three specializations. This  program is more selective and to be admitted, you must submit a portfolio of  your work when you apply for admission to LHU. This sampling of your work should  include twelve to twenty pieces.

If accepted, you will be able to  take a greater number of advanced studio courses and seminars within the major.  As with the B.A. degree, you will be required to exhibit your work in the John  Sloan Arts Center gallery during your senior year. Your senior art  exhibit will showcase your skills and talents to the  entire campus and community.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree has three specializations.  Students may choose to follow one of the following:

  • Two-Dimensional Art
  • Three-Dimensional Art
  • Graphic & On-line Design

Two-Dimensional  Art

Painting &  Drawing
Drawing remains the foundation for all the disciplines of the  arts and you can select from a variety of courses in drawing to increase your  skills and creativity while becoming familiar with a variety of drawing  materials. The Figure Studies course allows you to focus on the human figure  and anatomy using a live model. In painting, you will experiment with a variety  of media including watercolor, acrylics and  oils.

You will learn the techniques of etching,  relief, lithography, screenprinting, collography and monoprints. The  printmaking lab is equipped with litho stones as well as lithography and etching  presses.

In photography courses, you will learn  traditional black and white and digital  photography. The darkroom facilities include enlargers.

Three-Dimensional  Art

In these courses, you will work with a  variety of materials including wood, plaster, clay, steel and mixed media  assemblage. The sculpture facilities include a fully equipped wood shop and the  facilities for steel fabrication.

Our large ceramics  facility has 20 individual pottery wheels and on-site kiln. You will learn hand  building as well as throwing techniques and experimentation is  encouraged.

Jewelry and Metals
Our facility is fully equipped. Students learn cold connections, soldering techniques, and a variety of surface  decorations. Advanced courses include enameling, precious metals and  casting.

In these courses you will explore a wide  selection of fabric art including batik shibori, silk painting and tapestry  weaving.

Graphic & On-line  Design

Print Design
In these courses, you will be prepared to design for a variety of  print media including magazines, newspapers, books, and package  design.

Web Design
Lock Haven University has an excellent track  record in preparing and placing our graduates in design careers. Our alumni are  graphic designers working in web content creation as well as print design.  Employers and design clients include Oprah Winfrey, Nike, Corvette Magazine,  IBM, and Hewlett Packard.

Animation / Video Art
Our superior  computer lab is equipped for creating digital content including digital  painting, digital photography, digital video and animation. We have the latest  Apple computers, scanners and color printers. You will also have access to  digital still and video cameras and projectors to film, edit and present your  own videos.

Study Abroad

Italy (Florence, Rome, Naples and Venice) This  specially-designed summer art program allows you to study art on location in  Florence, Rome, Naples, Venice and other cities. Your small class of 10-15  students allows direct and personal study of Italian art and culture including  works of the great Italian masters like Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Raphael. You  will also take courses in studio art such as drawing and painting. You will earn  full credits toward graduation while experiencing first-hand the richness of  Italy and its art.

London & Paris
This Visual Arts Seminar is designed to give students the experience of the arts and architecture present in London, Paris and the Palace of Versailles, using the architecture museums as a classroom. Selected works are discussed and analyzed with a concentration on art, historic signficance and culture.

The Fine Arts Society

The student art  club takes trips to major art centers such as New York and Washington, D.C. FAS  is in part responsible for organizing and mounting exhibitions in our university  galleries. It also organizes and funds the visiting artist's lectures and other  art exhibits.

The Crucible

Art students  are encouraged to contribute works for publication in the LHU student literary  and art journal, The Crucible.

University Art Galleries

The John Sloan Fine Arts Center and the newly opened Bentley  Gallery are modern facilities that play an important part in the art  department's outreach to the community. Numerous regional and international  artists exhibit here each year and offer public lectures on their work. LHU's  art collection has been developed over the years into a useful and  important teaching resource.

Student Studios

Individual workspaces are available to many of our dedicated  students. This unique opportunity allows you to make the most of your studio art  classes.

Internships & Career Opportunities

Internships act as a bridge between your  studies and your career. In order to gain this valuable hands-on experience, you  will be encouraged to complete an internship. The Art Department will help you  find an internship experience that best suits your interests.

With your degree in two- or three-dimensional  art, you may pursue a career as a working artist and craftsperson. You may also  work in art-related positions such as preparators in museums or galleries. If  you specialize in the Graphic and On-line Design area, you will be prepared for  work in graphic design firms, advertising agencies, web design firms, magazine  and newspaper publishers and more.

The B.F.A. degree provides you with a  foundation necessary to enter and succeed in graduate school, opening a  potentially greater range of professional career options.

Art as Minor

The department also offers minors in studio art and in art history for students who wish to develop a background in art in addition to their primary major.