Biomedical Sciences Track

Biomedical careers in many different areas are of global importance in providing resources and healthcare to the growing world population. The biomedical sciences track emphasizes the science foundation needed for students to excel in clinical fields (MD, DO) or research careers in Biomedical areas. Courses that student in this track will complete provide abundant opportunities for hands-on laboratory experiences in the biomedical sciences. In addition to the science component, the Biomedical Sciences Track combines a suggested list of General Education courses that provide the reading, writing, and oral communication skills that medical and graduate schools, and the Admissions Tests for those schools, require.

Careers in Biomedical Sciences

Students completing a degree in Biomedical Sciences are well prepared for post-undergraduate education in Medical fields, including careers in which you will diagnose disease, prescribe or produce the medicines to alleviate suffering, or conduct research on the causes and cures of disease. This degree was specifically designed to  help prepare students for the Admissions Tests to medical and pharmacy schools, including the MCAT (MD, DO, Podiatry), PMAT (Pharmacy), OAT (Optometry), and DAT (Dental).

This track, with its rigorous science courses, will also prepare students for the GRE tests for graduate school and subsequent work in general and biomedical research.