General Biology Track

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Students often develop their specific interests in the field of Biology as they progress through their undergraduate academic career. They know they are in the correct major, but what exactly they wish to do with their degree may continue to materialize as they develop specific skills while building relationships with fellow biology majors and with the biology faculty. The General Biology track allows flexibility for Biology students and will help them gain experience needed to reach their career goals. This track allows them to choose upper-level Biology classes to tailor their interests and skill set while making them competitive in the job market or when applying for graduate education.

Careers in Biology:

Students graduating through this track go on to graduate school and a variety of biological careers, such as working for industry and private businesses or for governmental agencies.

Student Research:

All biology students have the opportunity to engage in independent study research in collaboration with Biology Faculty.

Other opportunities:

LHUP is a member of the Chincoteague Bay Field Station, and LHUP students may take courses during the summer at the field station located near Wallops Island, Virginia.