The Department of Biological Sciences is located in the new East Campus Science Center. All the lab spaces include new, current equipment and materials tailored for the courses offered and the degree tracks within the Biology major. A description of these laboratory spaces is provided below.

Microbiology ECSC 217


Microbiology and Environmental Microbiology laboratories are held here. Equipment available in the main lab include an Olympus Microscope (Model BX43) with brighfield, darkfield, phase, and fluorescence capabilities; Edgegard HF Clean Bench, as well as Olympus (Models CX 31 and CH2) teaching microscopes. Additional rooms accessed through 217 include an Anaerobic Chamber/Environmental Shaker Incubator and ovens, refrigerators and other equipment necessary for these courses and student research.


Molecular Biology ECSC 221

Molecular Biology  Molecular Biology

The Molecular laboratory in ECSC221 has standard personal equipment for students such as Pipetman micropipets, vortexers, nano-centrifuges, electrophoresis supplies, digital photo-documentation, and micro-centrifuge, but also has advanced equipment such as a gradient PCR thermal cycler, a real-time PCR cycler, and an ABI 310 Genetic Analyzer (for DNA sequencing and human genotyping). Laboratories for DNA methods and Advanced DNA methods are held here.


Ecology and Aquatics ecsc 225

Ecology  Ecology  Ecology

This lab houses Aquatic Biology, Ecology, and Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy courses. The lab includes equipment and materials important for species identifications, dissections, and scientific inquiry. Some notable features are features are exhaust fans located above each workspace, a fish, amphibian, reptile and crayfish collection, and a live animal room that primarily houses fish and space for Independent Study research projects.

Courses held here also have access to a field equipment storage room for trips to various field locations as well as measurement equipment for a variety of terrestrial and aquatic habitat studies.


Physiology ECSC 227


This lab houses Organismal Physiology.


Field Lab ECSC 231

Field Ecology  Field Ecology

Laboratories for Field Ecology and Ornithology for biology majors, as well as Field Natural History for non-majors are held here. The department’s comprehensive bird and mammal collection is housed in this laboratory in addition to a partial collection of amphibians and reptiles (the majority of this collection is housed in the Ecology and Aquatics laboratory. Some of the department’s field equipment used during lab sessions that venture to nearby local areas, such as traps, binoculars, specimen preparation materials, spotting scopes, abney levels,  psychromteres, gps units and other small instruments is also stored here.


Zoology ECSC 232

Zoology  Zoology

Zoology and Mycology laboratories are held in this lab. Some of the distinctive features and equipment here include BX53 research microscope, ultricentrifuge, centrifuge, nano-drop, biological safety cabinet. This lab also includes a fully functional DNA bench for isolation and amplification of DNA as well as has two growth chambers for studying fungi.


Botany ECSC 234

Botany  Botany

Botany, Ecosystem Ecology, and Environmental Science laboratories are held in this lab. Equipment in the botany lab includes: Drying ovens, a plant herbarium and plant collection which spans from the 1900’s to present, a growth chamber, and multiple probes for analysis of light availability, dissolved oxygen, and carbon dioxide.

This laboratory also includes the use of the newly renovated LHU Greenhouse (include link to below).


Genetics and Development ECSC 236


The Genetics and Developmental Biology Laboratory in ECSC236 has molecular biology equipment such as Pipetman micropipets, vortexers, nano-centrifuges, gel electrophoresis equipment, a Eppendorf microcentrifuge, incubators and a PCR thermal cycler.  It also contains 20 Olympus dissecting scopes and 20 Olympus compound light microscopes, as well as a Leica M165FC Fluorescent Dissecting Scope. Genetics and Developmental Biology laboratories are held here.


LHU Greenhouse

Greenhouse  Greenhouse

The LHU greenhouse was renovated in 2014, it is an 800 square foot space which includes a head-house and is heated and cooled for year round use. It houses the biology department plant collection, and student lead research experiments. In addition, it has the capability for aquaponics where both fish and plant co-habitat in a single flow-through system. 


Student Research Lab ECSC 220

Student Research Lab

Students engaged in independent study research have access to the Student Research Lab which includes a Thermo Scientific -80 C freezer, EdgeGard HF Clean Bench, Waters HPLC Systmem with a Photodiode Array Detector, in addition to ample work space to complete various projects.


Live Animal Room

Faculty and students conducting research on live animals or housing them for use during biology courses keep the animals in this temperature and light controlled room.