B.S. Secondary Education, Biology

This area of emphasis provides a more general field of study in biology with specialization in secondary education. The program reflects a systematic design based on established research, essential knowledge, and sound professional practice. The certification program requires professional studies in methodology. The university has adopted a Model for Teacher Education that has the teacher as a reflective decision-maker at it core and sees the teacher functioning in a changing society. Professional education courses provide students with varied and rich clinical experiences, including work with international, culturally diverse and exceptional populations. This program meets National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) national certification standards.


Required Science and Supporting Courses

CHEM120 Principles of Chemistry I 4 s.h.
CHEM121 Principles of Chemistry II 4 s.h.
CHEM220 Organic Chemistry I 4 s.h.
PHYS130 Physics I 4 s.h.
GEOS--- Earth and Space Science Elective
Physical Geology is recommended
3 s.h.
Mathematics through Calculus I 3 s.h.

Note 1:  Students who qualify for Calculus I may take 3 s.h. of electives.
              Students who test out of Calculus may take 6 s.h. of electives.

Required Courses in Biology (32 s.h.)

BIOL106 Principles of Biology I (counted as Gen Ed) 3 s.h.
BIOL107 Principles of Biology II (counted as Gen Ed) 3 s.h.
BIOL202 Genetics 3 s.h.
BIOL206 Botany 3 s.h.
BIOL240 Zoology 3 s.h.
BIOL309 Ecology 3 s.h.
BIOL330 Cell and Molecular Biology 4 s.h.
BIOL340 Microbiology 4 s.h.
BIOL410 Organismal Physiology 3 s.h.
BIOL---  Biology Elective 3 s.h.

Required Courses in Education (32 s.h.)

EDUC101 Social Foundations of Education 2 s.h.
PSYC103 Adolescent Development
(continued as Gen. Ed.)
3 s.h.
EDUC205 A.V. 2 s.h.
EDUC209 Science Methods I 2 s.h.
EDUC210 Classroom Management 2 s.h.
EDUC311 A.V. 1 s.h.
EDUC315 Science Methods II 4 s.h.
EDUC317 Educational Psychology 3 s.h.
EDUC415 Student Teaching & Practicum 14 s.h.


Supporting Courses Science 32 s.h.
Majors Courses 32 s.h.
Education Courses 32 s.h.

NOTE: 120 hours are required for graduation including general education and professional education coursework not described above. Several required courses are counted as General Education.  The additional certification in GENERAL SCIENCE may be added by taking three more courses: GEOS105 (Meteorology), GEOS110 (Physical Geology), COMP160 (Programming I) or COMP150.