Environmental Studies

Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Minor in Environmental Studies and Associates Degree in Sustainability Studies

Environmental StudiesEnvironmental and Sustainability Studies are for anyone interested in better understanding the relationship between human activity and the environment. These degrees would be especially good for those pursuing careers in conservation or environmental regulatory agencies, environmental consulting firms, financial institutions, advocacy and lobbying groups, and educational institutions.

The 18-credit Minor in Environmental Studies integrates expertise from departments across the university. To ensure that you gain in-depth knowledge in the discipline of Environmental Studies, you take two required courses, Introduction to Environmental Studies (ENVT101) and Environmental Studies Capstone (ENVT450). For the remaining 12 credits, you choose a minimum of one course from the sciences and a minimum of one course from the Humanities/Social Sciences. The remaining two courses could be from either category.  See the Environmental Studies Checksheet for approved courses.

The 60-credit Associates Degree in Sustainability Studies is also interdisciplinary.  Students take 30 credits of general-education courses (Composition, Natural Science, History, etc.) and 30 credits of sustainability courses: Introduction to Environmental Studies (ENVT101), Environmental Studies Liberal Arts Seminar (ENVT328), Introduction to Conservation Law (CRJS220), Environmental Justice (CRJS309), Introduction to Social Work (SOCW102), Principles of Economics (ECON101), Introduction to Sociology (SOCI101), Introduction to Business (MANG105), Ethics (PHIL102), and Environmental Studies Capstone.  See theSustainability Studies Checksheet for approved courses.

Environmental and Sustainability Studies minors can get their work published in the online journal The Hemlock. The Environmental Club also provides an opportunity to get to know people with similar interests.

See What Graduates of our Program Have to say

Melissa Eldridge: I graduated from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania in August 2014 with a B.S. in Recreation Management and a minor Melissa Eldridgein Environmental Studies. I was a member of the Environmental Club, Biology Club, and Outing Club. Currently, I am the Public Programs Educator at Briar Bush Nature Center located in Abington, Pennsylvania. I interned at Briar Bush during the summer of 2014, as a Summer Camp Counselor, and, after graduation I started full-time as the Public Programs Educator. My job includes creating, planning and updating public programs for people of all backgrounds and ages; conducting curriculum-based science lessons in Abington schools; coordinating our summer camp; and conducting onsite and outreach programs. Minoring in environmental studies prepared me for my role as an environmental educator. I gained a better understanding of the history of environmentalism, environmental law, ecology, environmental interpretation, and other aspects of environmental studies. My education at LHU enabled me to pursue my dream of a career in environmental education.



Lee PuttLee Putt: I graduated in 2014 with a major in Biology and a minor in Environmental Studies.  I was also President of the Environmental Club.  I am working as an Avian Biologist at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. My prime area of focus is our colony of African penguins, but I also take care of many other birds in the zoo include flamingos, cranes, storks, hornbills, and snowy owls.  I plan to pursue a M.A. degree in Environmental Studies.








Ben Welch

Ben Welch: I graduated from Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania in May 2015 with a B.S. in Recreation Management (Outdoor Track) and a minor in Environmental Studies.  I am working as an Environmental Specialist for Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. located in Pleasant Gap, PA. My job includes water sampling and field analysis at many different locations for surface mining activities across the state; environmental emergency response and cleanup; working with environmental regulators; and other environmental aspects of the heavy construction and mining industries. The Environmental Studies program and the Outdoor Management program allowed me to gain knowledge about many aspects of the outdoors and environment. This included environmental law, environmental interpretation, outdoor education, organization and management skills, and many other aspects of environmental studies. The Environmental Studies program provided me with the knowledge and skills needed to become a valuable employee in the environmental services industry.