B.S. Physics - Applied Physics Track (Nanotechnology)

The Nanofabrication facility of Pennsylvania State University with support from NSF and the State of Pennsylvania has undertaken the educational mission of providing technical training in Nanotechnology.   This program will allow Lock Haven University students the opportunity to develop these skills.

The proposed Applied Physics (Nanotechnology) track derives from our existing BS program in Physics. It shares most of its courses with that program but emphasizes applications in Nanotechnology rather than fundamental physics. The students in the new track will take the Thin Film course from the recently approved Electronics Engineering Technology (EET) program and the courses of the proposed Nanotechnology Certificate as part of their major requirements. Then the students will use their newly acquired skills in advanced laboratory courses in physics. No new courses are proposed.

Our students will have access to the Nanofabrication Center of PSU and their equipment for the proposed research projects in the existing Advanced Physics Laboratory (Phys 431) course. However, it may be possible to do some of these projects at Lock Haven University if one of our colleague's, Anura Goonewardene's, efforts are successful in acquiring equipment for Nanotechnology initiatives across the science disciplines.

Program Requirements