B.S. Secondary Education Mathematics

The Secondary Education Mathematics program has been carefully designed by faculty with expertise in teaching mathematics at the secondary level. This program will prepare you to become certified to teach mathematics in grades 7-12 in the state of Pennsylvania. Lock Haven's program is extremely well-respected throughout the state as one of the premier institutions for the training of mathematics teachers.

Secondary mathematics teachers are in high demand across the nation, especially in states that are growing in population and in urban areas. While jobs in students' hometowns are still available, being willing to relocate is usually a key to obtaining a teaching position without having to spend time substitute teaching.

Lock Haven's program is similar to any other program in the state with respect to the mathematics content courses required, since these are mostly outlined by the state department of education. However, there are several characteristics about our program that make it unique when compared to those across the state. First, we offer two specific methods of teaching mathematics courses (for a total of seven credits) where most programs offer only one (a three credit course). Second, the first of these methods courses is offered during the traditional sophomore year. This means that you will have an early field experience in schools in order to determine whether or not you really want to become a teacher. Third, our program offers four unique courses for our majors: 1) a one-credit freshman level introduction to secondary mathematics course; 2) a one-credit sophomore level technology in teaching secondary math; 3) a one-credit junior level pedagogical content course; and 4) a two-credit senior level pedagogical content course. Fourth, the program is housed in the mathematics department rather than an education department. This means that the department from which you take the majority of your courses is the department that creates and sustains the programs. This also means that the department faculty members will know you and help you along the way. Fifth, during the student-teaching experience, you will have both a middle school and a high school level experience. Finally, the professor who teaches the education-related courses for our majors, coordinates the program, and supervises the student-teaching experience is an ex-secondary school teacher who maintains close contact with secondary schools.

Our program is strong and well-respected but small enough that you will not get lost in a crowd. From the first week of classes as a freshman, you will have contact with the coordinator of the program and that contact will continue until you graduate. Lock Haven is a special place and the Secondary Education Mathematics program is a special major.


Our program is nationally accreditated by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). These are the two main accrediting bodies for secondary education mathematics. Obtaining these accreditations is a rigorous and sustained process.