SMART Center

The SMaRT Center, located at 414 Robinson Hall is a resource center for:

  • Education majors (science, mathematics, elementary education)
  • Mathematics and science majors
  • University faculty

The purpose of the center is to provide a facility for students, faculty and teachers to collaborate on research projects and on the improvement of the teaching and learning of mathematics and science.

The center is equipped with:

  • Computers
  • Mathematical software (Minitab, Mathematica, Geometer Sketchpad)
  • Teaching manipulatives (attribute blocks, geoboards, base-10 blocks, geometric solids, mathematics puzzles and games)
  • Textbooks for lesson plans and unit plans
  • Smart board

The materials in the center can be borrowed for classroom teaching. If you are interested in borrowing materials, please contact Dr. Denine Burkett directly at .

The center also sponsors seminars and teacher in-service workshops. Some seminars and workshops include:

  • Matrix graph and graph coloring tools by Dr. John J. Lattanzio (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
  • Developing Mathematical Understanding by Dr. Denine Burkett and Dr. Sally Lima
  • Connecting the Pieces for Developing Mathematical Understanding Using Manipulatives by Dr. Denine Burkett and Ms. Melissa Mason

Center Director:

Dr. Denine Burkett

The center was established as a result of a National Science Foundation Collaborative for Excellence grant.