Nanotechnology Outreach Efforts

Twice a year during the fall semester, various schools are invited to bring students who may possibly be interested in Nanotechnology to Lock Haven University.  Students are able to interact with Lock Haven University students and discuss the Nanotechnology program, ask questions, see the equipment, and so much more.  This intimate setting allows high school students the opportunity to hear from current university students how nanotechnology is impacting their academic career, and the plans they are making for the future.

During the spring semester, the Lock Haven University Nanotechnology program hosts an “Accepted Student” day.  Students who have officially been accepted into the Nanotechnology program have a chance to come onto campus, view the facilities, and see more details of the program. 

In addition to the fall Nanotechnology open house and spring “Accepted Student” day, Nanotechnology students man a table at the Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association where students also do presentations on their research.