STEM Degree Options

studentsLock Haven University’s Nanotechnology Program is embedded into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  Students are prepared for a wide range of post-graduate options, from masters programs to career choices.  Because the Nanotechnology Program at LHU is interdisciplinary, students have endless possibilities. 

Students who wish to achieve a degree in Nanotechnology have several options.  At the very least, students will receive an associate’s degree in Nanotechnology.  Those wishing to expand their education have the ability to do so in a minor, or with a concentration.  In order to do either, research is key.  Should you choose to focus in chemistry or physics, your research will lead you to a concentration in Nanotechnology.  Otherwise, you will receive a minor in Nanotechnology.

Having an interdisciplinary-type of degree opens a multitude of doors for you.  Typically, nearly 50% of our students are placed in graduate programs (M.S. and Ph.D.), most fully supported financially.   Others enter the working world where job projections are in the millions.