Psychology Minor

The Psychology Minor provides students with a way of further developing their critical thinking, communication, and information literacy skills. These skills are some of the most important in obtaining and excelling in future employment. It also allows students to explore issues related to human behavior and mental processes. This knowledge is a tremendous advantage throughout life. As a result, the psychology minor can be beneficial to any student, but especially those who plan careers that involve interacting with others.

The Psychology Minor requires

  1. PSYC100 (Introduction to Psychological Science), 3 s.h.
  2. PSYC202 (Research Methods in Psychology), 3 s.h. (prerequisite of C- in PSYC100)
  3. 12 additional semester hours of psychology credit. At least 6 hours must be at the 300 level or above.  The remaining 6 hours can be at any level.

TOTAL : 18 semester hours