B.A. Psychology

The psychology department at LHU started with the Bachelor of Arts degree, a degree that has been helping students succeed in life for over 40 years. This degree follows a liberal arts philosophy, ensuring that students are educated not just in psychology but in the fields of study that have formed the foundation for several career paths. Students will be exposed to courses that emphasize critical thinking, languages, and information literacy, as well as content in psychology. This type of program prepares students for future graduate education or employment, with some of the transferable skills that employers value most.

Our program follows the American Psychological Association Guidelines for Undergraduate Psychology, so students know that they are getting a quality education that will serve them well in their further academic and professional pursuits.

Bachelor of Arts

What does the B.A. require that the B.S. doesn’t?

  • Completion of level four of an individual foreign language
  • Completions of Humanities, Science, and Social Science Seminars (328s)
  • C- or better in PSYC202, PSYC204, PSYC205, PSYC215, PSYC409


Note: The suggested course sequence is an example of the path that may be taken to complete the Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.  It is unlikely that any particular student will follow this suggested course sequence exactly. Students make many individual choices about which courses to take to fulfill degree requirements, and courses may not always be available during a specific semester. The sequence should be viewed as a guideline; it is not indicative of when courses must be taken.