Psychology Minor

The Psychology Minor fulfills the needs and interests of  students preparing for careers in human services, education, business  and industry. The minor also provides a mechanism by which students who  have interests in the scientific study of behavior and mental processes  can be recognized for their coursework in the area of psychology.

The Psychology Minor allows students in many other social and  management science fields to complement their studies with a greater  understanding of issues related to human behavior and mental processes.  Hence, virtually any student with career aspirations that involve  interactions with people can greatly benefit from a Psychology Minor.

Moreover, the successful completion of Psychological Methods  (Psyc202) better prepares students to critically evaluate the large  volume of psychological research that is reported in the popular media  as well as scientific journals.

  1. Psyc100 - Introduction to Psychology, 3 s.h. (offered every  semester): A minimum grade of C minus in Psyc100 is required prior to  taking Psyc202.
  2. Psyc202 - Psychological Methods, 3 s.h. (offered every semester):
  3. 12 additional semester hours of psychology credit from which a minimum of six hours must be at 300 level or above. 

        Note: Educ317 Secondary Education II: Educational Psychology  counts towards the completion of the minor as a 200 level course.)

TOTAL : 18 semester hours