B.S. Psychology

The program requirements of the Psychology major include a blend of quantitative and liberal arts courses that produce a broadly educated graduate. The general education component of the program forms a foundation for success and personal achievement through experiences in mathematics, English, the arts, foreign languages, and the social and natural sciences. The psychology component provides students with a broad exposure to the discipline as well as the skills needed to find, evaluate, and create new knowledge.

The department offers two psychology degrees, a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.):

Bachelor of Science

Our B.S. degree is designed to prepare students for further professional training. (Note: Students may also seek further professional training with the B.A. degree.) Every aspect of the degree is designed in the context of how we can best prepare our majors for further graduate study in psychology. The program requires high standards of performance and includes specific writing, speech, and information technology enhancements. The program also requires research experience through independent study.

What does the B.S. require that the B.A. doesn’t?

  • Completion of Computer Skill Enhancement courses (CISC150 & CISC250)
  • Completion of an additional Speech class (SPCH102 & SPCH104)
  • Completion of two additional social science courses (SOCI, SOCW, ANTH, CRJS)
  • PSYC204 (Writing for Psychology)
  • PSYC499 (Independent Study)
  • B- or better in all Psychology Core courses
  • C+ or better in all Psychology Supplemental Core Requirements


Note: The linked 8-semester maps are examples of the path that may be taken to complete the bachelor’s degree in Psychology.  It is unlikely that any particular student will follow this map exactly. Students make many individual choices about which courses to take to fulfill degree requirements, and courses may not always be available during a specific semester. The map should be viewed as guidelines; they are not indicative of when courses must be taken.