Strike Update for Friday, October 21

On Friday, October 21, if a faculty strike is implemented, you should attend all classes scheduled to meet on Fridays UNLESS the faculty member for that class appears on the list in MyHaven, Student tab, of faculty who are not reporting to work.

Faculty Profile

Dr. Tim Baylor | 142 Akeley, Lock Haven, PA 17745 | (570) 484-2333


Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

M.A., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

B.S., Northwest Missouri State University

Courses Most Commonly Taught: Introduction to Sociology,Social Problems, Marriage and Family, Race and Ethnic Relations

Courses Developed: Sociology of Deviance, Sociology of the Death Penalty, Sociology of Religion, Cultural Anthropology

Research Areas: Native American Political Activism, Social Movements, Interracial Dating & Marriage

Articles Published: 

Baylor, Tim. 2010  “The American Indian Movement”  chapter in Conflicts in American History: The Long Civil Rights Movement 1945-1973, edited by Brian L. Johnson and Zoe Trodd, South Carolina: BCL/Manly, Inc. 

Baylor, Timothy. 2008  “The American Indian Movement’s Strategic Choices: Environmental Limitations and Organizational Outcomes.”  Proceedings of the Seventh Native American Symposium, Durant, Oklahoma: Southeastern Oklahoma State University. 

Baylor, Tim.  2006  “Black and Gay Identity Selection .”  Chapter 4 in African Americans and Whites: Changing Relationships on College Campuses, edited by Robert Moore, III New York: University Press of America. 

Baylor, Tim.  2002  “Black and Gay Identity Selection on College Campuses: Master and Subordinate Status Strain and Conflict.” Chapter 8 in The Quality and Quantity of Contact: African Americans and Whites on College Campuses, edited by Robert Moore, III   New York: University Press of America. 

Baylor, Tim.  1996 “Media Framing of Movement Protest: The Case of American Indian Protest.”  The Social Science Journal 33 (3):241-255. 

Areas of Expertise: American Indian Movement (AIM); Native American Activism; Native American Culture and Religion; Interracial Dating & Marriage