Faculty Profile

Dr. Holle Canatella

hcanatel@lhup.edu | 201 Raub Hall, Lock Haven, PA 17745 | (570) 484-2178


Ph.D. (History), University of Houston, 2010

MA (History), University of Houston, 2005

BA (History), Texas A&M University, 2002

Courses Most Commonly Taught: World History 1, Medieval Europe, Early Christianity, Ancient Mediterranean, Renaissance and Reformation

Courses Developed: Witchcraft in Medieval and Early Modern Europe, Early Christianity

Research Areas: Religion in the High Middle Ages, Women in medieval Europe, medieval friendship

Articles Published: 

“Loving Friendship in Baudri of Bourgueil’s Poetic Correspondence with the Women of Le Ronceray,” Medieval Feminist Forum 48.2 (2013): 5-42. 

“Long-Distance Love: The Ideology of Male-Female Spiritual Friendship in Goscelin of St. Bertin’s Liber Confortatorius,” Journal of the History of Sexuality 19.1 (2010): 35-53. 

“Friendship in Anselm of Canterbury’s Correspondence: Ideals and Experience,” Viator    38.2 (2007): 351-367.

Areas of Expertise: Roman Republic and Empire, Medieval Europe, Early Modern England