Faculty Profile

Dr. Tracey A. Cummings

tcummin2@lhup.edu | 402 Raub Hall, Lock Haven, PA 17745 | (570) 484-2640


Ph.D., English (specializing in 19th-century American literature), Lehigh University

M.A., English, Lehigh University

B.A., English, King’s College

Courses Most Commonly Taught: Composition; Introduction to Literature; American Literature before the Civil War; America’s Haunted Texts; Death in 19th-Century American Literature and Culture; Text and the City: Stories of NYC; Hawthorne, Thoreau, and Alcott

Courses Developed: America’s Haunted Texts, Death in 19th-Century American Literature and Culture, Text and the City: Stories of NYC, Hawthorne, Thoreau, and Alcott

Research Areas: 19th-century American literature

Articles Published: 

“’Upon a Scaffold Hye’: Absolon as Herod” in the collaborative article "Dramatic Intertextuality in the Miller's Tale: Chaucer's Use of Characters from Medieval Drama as Foils for John, Alisoun, Nicholas, and Absolon," Volume 3 (March 1996) of Chaucer Yearbook: A Journal of Late Medieval Studies

“The Importance of the Bee as Symbol in Thoreau’s Walden and Alcott’s Work.” Insects and Texts: Spinning Webs of Wonder.  Explora International Conference Proceedings.  Toulouse, France: Toulouse Natural History Museum, 2010. 280-90. Print.

Areas of Expertise: 19th-century American literature, Composition and Rhetoric, Contemporary American Literature