Faculty Profile

Dr. Kim Everhart

keverhar@lhup.edu | 110 Zimmerli, Lock Haven, PA 17745 | (570) 484-2015


Ed.D., Curriculum and Instruction (physical education focus), Indiana University of Pennsylvania

M.S., Physical Education Teacher Education, West Virginia University

B.S., Health and Physical Education, University of Montevallo

Courses Most Commonly Taught: Teaching Invasion Sports I & II; Foundations of Physical Education Seminar; Teaching Fitness in K-12 Schools; Organization / Administration of HPE; Wellness for Life; Advanced Techniques of Coaching Volleyball; Advanced Techniques of Coaching Basketball; Advanced Techniques of Coaching Track and Field

Courses Developed: Teaching Invasion Sports I & II; Teaching Fitness in K-12 Schools; Teaching Net Sports; Teaching Lifetime Activities

Research Areas: Contemporary curricular and instructional models in physical education; Pedagogical strategies in physical education

Articles Published:

Everhart, B., Everhart, K., & Everhart, T. (in press).  Game Performance Decisions of International Baccalaureate Students in Korea and Students in a Traditional American High School.  To be published in Education.

Everhart, K. (2014, November).  Using School-Based Intramurals as Early Field Experiences for PETE Majors, Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance, 85 (9), 44-46.

Everhart, B., & Everhart, K. (2014).  Software-based self-reflection, preservice teaching performance, and influencing pre-conceived recruitment socialization influences.  The Educational Collaborative, 4 (2), http://journals.sfu.ca/eps/index.php/ec/article/view/34.


Everhart, B., Everhart, K., McHugh, H., Dimon, C., Hershey, K., & Lorenzi, D. (2013).  Teaching-learning patterns of expert and novice adapted physical educators.  Education, 133, 456-469. 

Everhart, K., & Dimon, C. (2013).  The impact of course delivery format on wellness patterns of university students.  Education, 133 (3), 310-318. 

Everhart, K. (2011).  Rethinking gender issues:  Equal access to physical education opportunities.  Submitted to the Pennsylvania State Journal of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, 81 (1), 21-23. 

Everhart, B., Rabe, T., & Everhart, K.  (2011).  A curricular intervention’s impact on selected fitness levels and activity patterns of junior high students in physical education classes for non-athletes and athletes.  The Educational Collaborative, 2, 1-14. 

Everhart, B., & Everhart, K. (2010, Fall).  How Early Teaching Experiences Affect Physical Education Majors’ Reflections about their Influences to Becoming a Teacher.  ThePennsylvania State Journal of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, 80 (3), 17-20. 

Everhart, B., & Everhart, K. (2010).  Teaching Tips:  Using “Cylinder Ball” as a modified invasion game within instructional model-based units.  Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance, 81 (3), 12-15. 

Everhart, B., & Everhart, K. (2008).  Teaching with pre-packaged lesson plans:  The impact on student learning.  International Journal of Physical Education, 45, 123-130.

Areas of Expertise: Contemporary Instructional Strategies and Models in Physical Education; Fitness and Wellness Applications for a Healthy and Active Lifestyle; Pedagogical Preparation of Physical Education Students in PK-12 Settings