Faculty Profile

Dr. Marcia J. Kurzynski

mkurzyns@lhup.edu | 106 Akeley Hall, Lock Haven, PA 17745 | (570) 484-2328


Ph.D. Ethics. Loyola University Chicago. Chicago, Illinois

M.A.  Religious Studies.  John Carroll University. University Heights, Ohio. Professional Specialization: Business ethics, ethics and character. 

M.B.A.  Strategic Management, Baldwin-Wallace College. Berea, Ohio

B.B.A.  Marketing and Economics, Kent State University. Kent, Ohio 

Courses Most Commonly Taught: Management Concepts and Strategies, Human Resource Management, Entrepreneurship, Business, Society & Government

Courses Developed: Strategic Sustainability for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Management, Social Entrepreneurship, Business, Society & Government

Programs Developed: 

Partner-ED.  Academic enrichment program developed for Lock Haven University students pursuing a B.S. degree in management.

Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, co-authored grant for “The Haven Center for Entrepreneurial Education and Research,” program funded 2008-2011.

PASSHE Business Plan Competition Committee (Lock Haven University Coordinator).

Internship Panel. Panel of invited businesses discussed internship opportunities and protocol to faculty and students in business administration.

Professional Publications:

Kurzynski, M. (2012). “Peter Drucker: Modern Day Aristotle for the Business Community,” Journal of Management History, 18 (1), 6-23.  (Reprinted).

Kurzynski, M. (2009). "Peter Drucker: Modern Day Aristotle for the Business Community.” Journal of Management History, 19 (4), 357-374.

Kurzynski, M. (1998). “Forgiveness as a Human Resource Management Strategy.” Journal of Business Ethics, 17, (January), 77- 85.

Kurzynski, M. (1993). Test BankManagement for Productivity,  4th  Edition, John R. Schermerhorn,  New York: John Wiley & Sons.

Kurzynski, M. (1990). Student Study Guide. Principles of Management, 1st Edition, Jim Higgins. New York: Macmillan Publishers.

Kurzynski, M. (1987). Work-Flow Analysis. Journal of Systems Management, (January), 14-20.

Professional Presentations:

Myers, C. & Kurzynski, M.  (2013, June). Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility in the Classroom. ACBSP, 2013 Annual Conference, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kurzynski, M. & Myers, C. (2013, May). Fostering the Courage to be Creative. Eastern Academy of Management, 50th Annual Conference, Baltimore, Maryland.

Kurzynski, M. (2012, October). Valuing People, Planet and Profits.  Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum, 14th Annual Conference. Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Kurzynski, M. (2012). Ethics and Leadership. Leadership Clinton County. McElhattan, Pennsylvania.

Kurzynski, M. (2011).  LeadershipEthics. Leadership Clinton County. Wayne Township, Pennsylvania.

Kurzynski, M. (2010, October). A Lack of Prudence: Protecting Patient Confidentiality – New Concerns.  Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum, 12th Annual Conference. Union College Schenectady, New York.

Kurzynski, M. (2010). Partner-ED: A Collaborative Learning Program. Lock Haven University, University Days, Transitions for the Future, Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.

Kurzynski, M. and Whitman-Hoff, J.  (2009, November).  Teaching Citizenship and Civility. Society for Ethics Across the Curriculum, 11th Annual Conference. Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York.

Kurzynski, M. (2008).Ethics and Leadership.  Leadership Clinton County. Lamar, Pennsylvania,

Kurzynski, M. (2007). Ethics and Leadership, Leadership Clinton County. Mill Hall, Pennsylvania.

Kurzynski, M. (2007).  My First Years in a Tenure Track Teaching Position: If I Knew Then… . Invited presenter at the Human Resource Division Junior Consortium held at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Areas of Expertise: Leadership ethics, character ethics, corporate social responsibility, social issues in management, management and spirituality.