Faculty Profile

Dr. Ted Nuttall

tnuttall@lhup.edu | 211 Science Center, Lock Haven, PA 17745 | (570) 484-2058

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Areas of Expertise: Crayfishes of PA, Forensic DNA Analysis


Ph.D. Florida Institute of Technology, 1987

Courses Most Commonly Taught: Cell and Molecular Biology, Human Genetics, Advanced DNA Methods

Courses Developed: Cell and Molecular Biology,Advanced DNA Methods

Programs Developed: DNA Analysis Methods track, DNA Forensics track

Professional Publications:      

Lieb, D.A., R.W. Bouchard, R.F. Carline, T.R. Nuttall, J.R. Wallace, and C.L Burkholder. 2011.  Conservation and Management of Crayfishes: Lessons from Pennsylvania. Fisheries, 36(10): 489-507.

Professional Presentations:    

Kern, B. and T. Nuttall. 2012.  Sequence variation within the COI sequence of Cambarus bartonii.  Poster: Celebration of Scholarship, April, 2012.

Jameson, S. and T. Nuttall. 2012. Intraspecies and interspecies nucleotide differences of the gene COI in sharks (Chondrichthes). Poster: Celebration of Scholarship, April, 2012.

Workshop presenter, SEAGRANT B-WET grant “Susquehanna Aquatic Biodiversity Network”, Workshop on Crayfish Identification for K-12 teachers, 2008, 2009, 2011