Faculty Profile

Dr. Kimberly Johnson

Kaj2955@lhup.edu |145 Akeley, Lock Haven, PA 17745 | (570) 484-2955

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PhD. 2000 University of North Texas

Courses Most Commonly Taught: Introduction to Sociology, Sociological Theory, Social Change, Medical Sociology

Courses Developed: Sociological Research 404, Social Change 354, 654, Core Research Methods 600, Sociology of Religion 328, 628, Introduction to Sociology 101, Urban and Rural Patterns 332, Changing Sex Roles 328, 628, Medical Sociology 328

Recent Professional Publications:

MaryKris Mcilwaine with Kimberly Alexander, Nili Kirschner, Ovetta Robinson-Heyward, and Janine Schipper. 2012. Sociology:A Contemporary Approach. New Social Science Press.

Lock Haven Express. The Fruit of Our Labor. April 12, 2013

Lock Haven Express. Syria: An Important Story. May 24, 2013

Lock Haven Express. Surveillance State: We Never Saw it Coming. June 2013

Lock Haven Express. NSA Breaches the Fourth Amendment: The Right to be Left Alone. July 2013

Lock Haven Express. Benjamin Gives Hope. March 7, 2013

Lock Haven Express. Put Your Hands Up.(Article on the TSA) November 17, 2012

Areas of Expertise:

Sociological Theory, Political Sociology, Medical Sociology and Social Change