State System, APSCUF reach tentative agreement, the faculty strike has ended

All classes and activities will resume as normal on Monday.

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B - Faculty/Staff Directory

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Dawn R. Bailey
Clerk II, Public Safety
Glennon Infirmary

(570) 484-2278

Dr. Alyce R. Baker
Associate Professor, English Department
319 Raub Hall

(570) 484-2100

Dr. Paul C. Ballat
Professor, Department Chair,
Health & Physical Education Department

105 Zimmerli

(570) 484-2660

Matthew N. Baney

Electrician, Maintenance Department
Willis Health Professions Building

(570) 484-2367

Holly Barner
Custodian, Facilities Department

(570) 484-2017

Danielle Barney

Associate Director of Athletics and Senior Women's Administrator,
Associate Professor,  Sport Studies Department
215 Thomas Fieldhouse

(570) 484-2871

Dr. Sandra L. Barney
Professor, History, Political Science, International Studies
and Foreign Languages Department
203 Raub Hall

(570) 484-2161

Amy M. Barth
PreK-Grade 8 and Professional Studies Department
215 Robinson

(570) 484-2827

Cheryl A. Bartholomew
Fiscal Technician, Student Financial Services
223 Ulmer Hall

(570) 484-2845

Joe Battista
Executive Director and Chief Development Officer,
LHU Foundation 
316 DACC

(570) 484-2625 

Dr. Kimberly A. Batty
Assistant Professor, Recreation Management Department
104 Himes Hall

(570) 484-3092

Dr. Timothy Baylor

Associate Professor, Sociology, Anthropology & Geography Department
142 Akeley Hall

(570) 484-2333

Suzanne Beach-Kunes
Custodian, Facilities Department

(570) 484-2017

Dr. James R. Bean
Professor, Psychology Department
712B Robinson LRC

(570) 484-2626

Ann M. Beardsley
Assistant Professor, Nursing Dept.
40 Founders Hall, Clearfield Campus

(814) 768-3428

Amy Bechdel
Banquet Manager, Aramark Food Services Management
Bentley Dining Hall

(570) 484-2630

Christine R. Bechdel

Custodial Worker, Facilities Department
Willis Healthcare Professions

(570) 484-2017

Gwen A. Bechdel

Executive Assistant to the President, President's Office
399 Ulmer Hall

(570) 484-2001

Dr. Heather A. Bechtold
Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences Department
202 East Campus Science Center


Melissa J. Becker
Instructor, Visual and Performing Arts Department
233 Sloan Fine Arts Building

(570) 484-2870

Lori A. Beers
Secretary, Physician Assistant Program
214 Willis Health Professions Building

(570) 484-2929

Jennifer K. Bell
Assistant Professor, Physician Assistant Studies

A121, Clearfield Campus

(814) 768-3628

Gwen M. Bennett
Clerk Typist 2, Admissions Office 
Durrwachter Building

(570) 484-2352

Dr. Stanley P. Berard

Professor, History, Political Science, International Studies
and Foreign Languages Department
209 Raub Hall

(570) 484-2187

Dr. Ruben Berrios
Associate Professor, Business Admin., Computer Science
and Information Technology
104 Akeley Hall

(570) 484-2447

Dr. Latha K. Bhushan
Professor, Special Education Department
103 Robinson LRC

(570) 484-2170

Robert A. Bingaman

Refrigeration/HVAC Mechanic,Facilities Department
Willis Health Professions Building

(570) 484-2017

Susan G. Birdsey
Academic Development & Counseling Department
124 Ulmer Hall

(570) 484-3333

Scott W. Bissman
Police Officer, Public Safety Office
Glennon Infirmary

(570) 484-2278

Terry L. Blazina
Stock Clerk 2, Athletics Department
Tomlinson Center

(570) 484-2945

Joel N. Blesh
Head Swimming Coach, Athletic Department
115 Zimmerli

(570) 484-2820

Kathy Blesh
Secretary, Teacher Education Office
611 Robinson LRC

(570) 484-3013

Kasey Blesh
Coordinator of Alumni Relations,
LHU Foundation
314 DACC

(570) 484-3118 

Dana L. Boardman
Clerk 2, Mailroom Supervisor
Procurement Department
Hursh Nevel Building

(570) 484-2223

Dr. Susan M. Boland
Professor, Psychology Department
320B Robinson LRC

(570) 484-2239

Randy T. Bordas
Information Tech. Technician,
Computing & Instructional Technology
229 Founders Hall, Clearfield Campus

(814) 768-3467

Emmy M. Borst
Residence Hall Director,
Student & Residence Life
McEntire Hall

(570) 484-2249

Whitney E. Boshart
Assistant Lacrosse Coach,
Athletic Department
228E Thomas Fieldhouse

(570) 484-3014 

Jan M. Bottorf
Web Applications Specialist, Administrative Computing
G24 Stevenson Library

(570) 484-3060

Lane Bower
Assistant Professor, School of Graduate Studies
213 Willis Health Professions Building

(570) 484-2199

Dr. Edward L. Bowman 
Associate Professor,
Criminal Justice Department
J314 East Campus

(570) 484-3089

Timothy C. Breon
Instructor, Visual and Performing Arts Department 
307 Sloan

 (570) 484-2963

Danna N. Bressler
Assistant to the Dean, College of Natural, Behavioral & Health Sciences
J108 East Campus

(570) 484-2026

Jason Bronner 
Professor, Visual and Performing Arts Department
333 Sloan Fine Arts Building

(570) 484-2141

Sherri D. Brooks
Administrative Secretary, President's Office 
398 Ulmer Hall

570) 484-2005

Ramona Broomer
Assistant Professor, Visual and Performing Arts Department
323 Sloan Fine Arts Building

(570) 484-2126

Cheryl L. Brown
Secretary, Facilities Department
104 Facilities Building

(570) 484-2017

Kathy Insel Brown
Head Women's Soccer Coach,
Athletic Department
216 Thomas Fieldhouse

(570) 484-2459

Dr. Lynn A. Bruner
Associate Professor, Psychology Department
319 Robinson LRC

(570) 484-2770

Thomas C. Bruno, Jr.
Patrol Officer, Public Safety Department
Glennon Infirmary

(570) 484-2278

Dr. Ashley M. Burkett
Assistant Professor, 
Geology and Physics Department 
125 East Campus Science Center 

(570) 484-2651 

Richard J. Burkett
Assistant Professor, Mathematics Department
114A Founders Village, Clearfield Campus

(814) 768-3624

Dr. Nicole Burkholder-Mosco
Professor, English Department
302 Raub Hall

(570) 484-2520