Strike Update for Friday, October 21

On Friday, October 21, if a faculty strike is implemented, you should attend all classes scheduled to meet on Fridays UNLESS the faculty member for that class appears on the list in MyHaven, Student tab, of faculty who are not reporting to work.

F - Faculty/Staff Directory

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Donna Fahnestock
Custodial Supervisor, Facilities Department
107 Facilities Building

(570) 295-4464

Marie M. Fair
Secretary, Nursing Department
30 Founders Hall, Clearfield Campus

(814) 768-3450

Lucas A. Fanning 
Assistant to the Dean, Stephen Poorman College of Business, Information Systems, and Human Services
120 Akeley Hall 

(570) 484-2169

Robert E. Felmlee
Custodian, Facilities Department
Facilities Building

(570) 484-2017

Terence M. Fennell

Supply Technician, Military Science Department
205E Ulmer Hall

(570) 484-2265

Dr. T. Sarath Fernando
Associate Professor, Mathematics Department
423 Robinson LRC

(570) 484-2496

Eiko Fetter

Custodian, Facilities Department
Facilities Building

(570) 484-2017

Dr. Katherine A. Fiegel
Assistant Professor, Recreation Management Department
113 Himes Hall

(570) 484-2552

Pamela Finalle
Assistant Professor, Nursing Department
44 Founders Hall, Clearfield Campus

(814) 768-3429

Dr. Michael Fiorentino, Jr.
President, President's Office
311 Ulmer Hall

(570) 484-2001

Jason J. Fisher
Semi-Skilled Laborer, Maintenance Department
Hursh Nevel Building

 (570) 484-2949

Pamela R. Fisher
Secretary, Visual and Performing Arts Department  
138 Sloan Fine Arts Center

 (570) 484-2143

Dr. Jamie L. Foor

Assistant Professor, Psychology Department
319 Robinson LRC

(570) 484-2856

Cortney M. Force
Secretary, Center for Career & Professional Development
Ulmer 206

(570) 484-2181

Lawrence E. Foust

Equipment Operator B, Facilities Department
Facilities Building

(570) 484-2017

Patrick A. Foust

Refrigeration Plant Supervisor, Maintenance Department
Willis Health Professions Building

(570) 484-3978 Cell: (570) 367-8855

C. (Ginger) Frankenberger
Secretary, Dept. of Elementary and Middle Level Ed.
202 Robinson LRC

(570) 484-2208

Danielle Fraser
Assistant Softball Coach, Athletic Department
228D Thomas Fieldhouse

(570) 484-2574

Dr. Amanda L. Frayeh
Assistant Professor,
Sport Studies Department
605 Robinson Hall

(570) 484-2184 

Casey Friberg
Clerk Typist I
30 Founders Hall, Clearfield Campus

(814) 768-3402

Robert C. Fryer 
Director, Financial Aid Office 
223A Ulmer Hall

(570) 484-2424