State System, APSCUF reach tentative agreement, the faculty strike has ended

All classes and activities will resume as normal on Monday.

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W - Faculty/Staff Directory

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Dr. Gregory Walker
Professor, Department Chair,
Sociology, Anthropology & Geography Department

141 Akeley Hall

(570) 484-3088

James (Jaime) Walker
Dist. Systems Specialist II, Computing & Instructional Tech.
522 Robinson LRC

(570) 484-3057

Jason Walker
Production Manager, Aramark Dining Services
Bentley Hall

(570) 484-3807

Jeffrey W. Walker
Dist. Systems Manager, Information Technology Dept.
504 Robinson LRC

(570) 484-2395

Joan Walker
Information Technician
Computing & Instructional Technology 

506 Robinson LRC

(570) 484-2397

Shannon K. Walker
Grant Funded Workforce Development Manager,
Finance and Administration
J102 East Campus

(570) 484-3131

Dr. Jeffery A. Walsh

Associate Professor, Recreation Management Department
105 Himes Hall

(570) 484-2232

Chad W. Warren

Assistant Track & Field/Cross Country Coach,
Athletic Department
225C Thomas Fieldhouse

(570) 484-2242

Dr. Justin Q. Wartella
Assistant Professor,
Sport Studies Department
607 Robinson LRC

(570) 484-2419

Dana Washington

Assistant Professor, English Department
403 Raub Hall

(570) 484-2175

Walter J. Watt
Custodial Work Supervisor, Facilities Department
Facilities Building

(570) 484-2017

Dr. Amy L. Way

Professor, Health Science Department
44 Founders Hall, Clearfield Campus

(814) 768-3431

Debra M. Weaver
Custodial Worker I,
Facilitiies Department
Facilities Building

(570) 484-2017


Dr. Lisa D. Weaver

Associate Professor, Social Work & Mental Health Counseling Department
116 Akeley Hall

(570) 484-3078

Stephanie L. Weaver
Assistant Directo
r, Financial Aid Office
223B Ulmer Hall

(570) 484-2306

Gayle M. Welshans
Administrative Assistant, Human Resource Department
J205 East Campus

(570) 484-2485

Michele R. Wenker
Fiscal Technician, Accounts Payable Office
J211 East Campus

(570) 484-2013

Sam Wert
Custodian, Facilities Department
Facilities Building

(570) 484-2017

Jason L. Wertz
Patrol Officer, Public Safety Dept.
Glennon Infirmary

(570) 484-2278

George Whaley, Jr.

Groundskeeper, Maintenance Department
Willis Health Professions Building

(570) 484-2367

Ann B. Wheeler
Assistant Professor, 
Business and Computer Science Department
104 Akeley Hall 

(570) 484-2166 

Dr. James W. Wheeler

Associate Professor, Geology & Physics Department
109 East Campus Science Center

(570) 484-2054

Bobbi White

Secretary, Library Services
105 Stevenson Library

(570) 484-2310

Nichole E. Wible

Assistant Director, Financial Aid Office
223B Ulmer Hall

(570) 484-2424

Dr. Louis S. Widmann
Professor, Health Science Department
172 Willis Health Professions Building

(570) 484-2779

Abram F. Williams
Groundskeeper, Facilities Department
Hursh Nevel Building

(570) 484-2017

Bonnie M. Williams
Special Education Department
217 Robinson LRC 

(570) 484-3052 

Steve Williams
Professor, Mathematics Department
405 Robinson LRC

(570) 484-2275

Dr. Donna Wilson
Provost and Executive Vice President,
Academic Affairs Department
314 Ulmer Hall 

(570) 484-2121

Dr. Brian J. Wilt
Assistant Professor, Recreation Management Department
116 Himes Hall

(570) 484-2292

Elsa E. Winch

Associate Professor, Instruction & Reference Coordinator
22 Stevenson Library

(570) 484-2652

Terry D. Wolfe, Jr.
Assistant Director of Admissions, Admissions Office
110 DACC

(570) 484-2353

Seth F. Wollam 

Visual and Performing Arts Department
139 Sloan Performing Arts Center

(570) 484-2173 

Donald Woodhouse
Grant Acquisition Coordinator
112 Akeley Hall 

(570) 484-2547

Diane G. Mosser-Wooley
Business and Computer Science Department 
233 Akeley Hall

(570) 484-2556 

Lauren AJ Wright
Director of Community Service
103 Raub Hall

(570) 484-2498

Peney E. Wright
PreK-Grade 8 and Professional Studies Department

215 Robinson Learning Center

(570) 484-2205 

Dr. Thomas Wynn

Associate Professor, 
Geology and Physics Department

119 East Campus Science Center

(570) 484-2081