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Media Services Mission and Goals




Media Services is committed to providing services and equipment needed to utilize media and technology for instruction, college activities, community events, and individual student use.  The services include basic training on media-related software, and workstations that are equipped with media software, and poster printing.  Equipment includes a large number of laptops, notebooks, digital cameras, digital camcorders, LCD projectors, tripods, microphones, and other high demand equipment.  We strive to provide exceptional service and up-to-date equipment for the academic and recreational needs of our Lock Haven University community.




  1. Enhance the curriculum of LHU with media equipment for both classroom use and coursework related activities outside of the classroom.
  2. Provide media equipment to students to enhance their individual and group project presentations and assignments.
  3. Provide both PC and Macintosh computers for the various media needs of our students and faculty.
  4. Provide training to LHU students and faculty for the use of this audiovisual equipment.
  5. Provide computer software to enhance student learning.
  6. Hire and train student workers with significant experience with media so that they can provide our students the necessary support needed to become better acquainted with Media Services' audiovisual equipment and software programs.
  7. Collect the most critically acclaimed and award winning films for the social, aesthetic, and cultural needs of our students and faculty. Particular emphasis will be placed on obtaining international, documentary, and Oscar nominated films.
  8. Provide poster printing, color printing, laminating, scanning, and format transfer services for all LHU students and faculty.


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