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LHSTC Naval Cadet Program


In 1939, Lock Haven State Teachers College, with the permission from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Instruction, instituted a Civil Aeronautics Program. By June 1940, the first group of ten students completed both ground school and flight training for the program. In 1943, The United States navy and the Civil Aeronautics Authority negogiated with LHSTC to house and provide ground school training fro a maximum of 100 naval enlisted men by September of that year.


The United States navy's C.A.A.W.T.S School at Lock Haven provided second stage training for the Naval Aviation Cadet. At LHSTC, the cadets received their first real taste of flying and this flying contituted one-half of their training while here. The other half of their course work included courses in Navigation, Communication, Aerology, Aircraft Engines, Recognition and Civil Air Regulations.


Naval Reserve Drills at LHSTC in 1944


Naval Reserve Drills at LHSTC in 1944



In 1944, the LHSTC war training service was discontinued. According to Dr. Richard T. Parsons, the LHSTC President at the time, "Our college has trained four hundred cadets from March 1943 until the present date. We feel this has been a fine contribution to the war effort and are glad it was possible for our school's facilities to be used during the emergency."



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