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Stevenson Library

401 N. Fairview Street

Lock Haven, PA. 17745

PHONE: 570.484.2309

FAX: 570.484.2506


Clearfield Campus Library

201 University Dr.

Clearfield, PA. 16830

PHONE: 814.768.3410

FAX: 814.768.3449

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Who can use the library?

Currently enrolled students, faculty and staff of Lock Haven University.

Alumni and community patrons are also welcome to use the library. A library card can be obtained by stopping at the Circulation Desk.

Where is the library located?

Stevenson Library: We are located at the intersection of Water Street and Fairview Street.


Clearfield Campus Library: 2nd Fl. Founder Hall

What are the library hours?

Current library hours are always listed on our website.


Note: The Stevenson Library 24 hour study area is always open as long as classes are in session.

How can I get a library card?

Alumni and community patrons should present a valid ID at the Circulation Desk in order to obtain a library card.

What are the reference desk hours?


Hours listed below are during the regular academic year. Please refer to Hours of Operation for our hours during any given session.

Stevenson Library: Monday - Thursday 9am-9pm, Friday 9am-3pm, Sunday 2pm-9pm.


Clearfield Campus Library: Monday - Thursday 9am-4pm, Friday 9am-3pm and by appointment.

I'm having a class in the library. Where do I go?

You have two options (Stevenson Library):


  1. Stevenson Library: The library instruction room on the main floor of the library. Enter the main doors and turn right.
  2. The computer lab located on the ground floor of the library. Once on the ground floor, pass the Media Services desk: the lab is located along the back wall.

Clearfield Campus - In your regularly scheduled classroom unless otherwise indicated.

How do I get a student worker job in the library?

  • Ask at the Circulation Desk
  • Fill out the student job application form
  • Remember that the best time to ask about open positions is at the beginning of the semester


Where are the bathrooms?

Stevenson Library: In the 24 Hour Study Area on the first floor.
On the second and third floors. Walk around the central elevator shaft, and you will find them.


Clearfield Campus Library: In the hallway outside of the library.

Where are the bound periodicals? Current periodicals? Media services? Microfilm? etc.

Stevenson Library:

Archive: Second floor

Bound periodicals: Ground floor

Children's and Curriculum Library: Ground floor

Circulation Desk: First floor

Computer Lab: Ground floor

Current periodicals: First floor

Media Services: Second floor

Microfilm: First floor

Quiet floor: Third floor

Reference Books: First floor

Reserves: Circulation Desk on the first floor

Does the library have a lost and found?

Yes. If you lose something, inquire at the Circulation Desk.

Does the library have transparencies?

Yes. Inquire at the Circulation Desk.

Is there a pay phone in the library? Can I use my cell phone?

Stevenson Library: A pay phone is not available in the library. Please turn all cell phones to vibrate (no-ring) while in the library. If you must use your cell phone, please do so in the Meet & Greet Area of the 24 Hour Study Area on the first floor.


Clearfield Campus Library: A courtesy phone for local calls is located on the first floor, Founder Hall. Please turn all cell phones to vibrate (no-ring) while in the library. If you must use your cell phone, please do in the hallway outside of the library.

Can I bring food or drinks into the library?

Food and drink are allowed within the library except at computer workstations, in the archive, and around the copiers, microfiche readers/printers, and media equipment.
For more information, refer to our food and drink policy.


How can I donate something to the library?

Donations should be brought to the Circulation Desk (either library), where the donor will be asked to complete a gift form. If a large number of items is involved, the donor may contact the Acquisitions office to arrange for pick-up or to arrange for a subject librarian to review the collection on site. Gifts are received with the understanding that each item is reviewed and evaluated by the librarians as to its application to the mission of the library.

Please be aware that monetary gifts are handled through the Lock Haven University Foundation.

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