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Making a Poster in Microsoft Publisher 2010



Click here to watch a how-to video on making a poster in Microsoft Publisher 2010.


Getting Started

  1. Open Microsoft Publisher 2010
  2. Click “More Blank Page Sizes”
  3. Click “Create New Page Size”
  4. Format to 36 width and 24 length (for a landscape orientation) or 24 width and 36 length (for a portrait orientation)
  5. Click “Create Page

*A blue line will frame your page. Do not place elements of your poster outside of this blue line, because you will risk your project printing incorrectly.


Adding a Title

  1. Click “Draw Text Box”- click and drag to form text box
  2. Click inside your text box and change your font size to 100, hit enter
  3. Type your title
  4. Highlight your title and set it to center alignment
  5. Fit the box closely to your text by clicking and dragging the corners. If a three dot symbol appears, your box is too small for your text. Simply make your box bigger
  6. Click and drag your text box to the center of your poster

Insert Text from Word

  1. Click the insert tab
  2. Click “Insert file”
  3. Choose your file
  4. Format text to your liking
  5. Your font size should be between 18 and 21
  6. Fit the text box tightly to your text
  7. To create a border- under the draw tools tab, click “shape outline” chose the color and style you would like
  8. To remove the automatic hyphenation of words, click “text box tools” then “hyphenations” and uncheck the box that says “automatically hyphenate…”

Insert a Picture

  1. Click “Insert picture”
  2. Click “picture from file”
  3. Choose the file you want
  4. Format and move your picture into place
  5. If you drag your picture over a text box, the text will automatically wrap around the picture

Insert Figures (i.e. graphs from Excel)

  1. Create your graph in Excel
  2. Copy and paste onto your poster
  3. Format and move into place

Insert a Table From Excel

  1. Highlight the cells that contain the information you would like to copy
  2. Copy and paste into your poster
  3. Format and move into place
  4. Add borders by using the “shape outline” tool from earlier

Adding a Border Around Your Poster

  1. Use the draw rectangle tool (located in draw tools) to click and drag a border around the poster, using the blue print guideline as an aid.
  2. Format the color and thickness  to your liking using the draw tools
  3. Highlight the line by clicking on it.
  4. Click “Send To Back” so your line won’t interfere with the other elements in your poster.

*Remember to save your project where you can easily access it.