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 Display Window Policy (Stevenson Library)


Display Window Coordinator: Gwen Perrin 893-2310

Purpose: This document is designed to establish the policies and procedures for the usage of the Display Windows in Stevenson Library.

Scope: This policy provides guidelines for Lock Haven University faculty, staff, and students who wish to utilize the Stevenson Library Display Windows which are located in the Acquisitions and Processing offices of the Technical Services Area.

Responsibility: The Stevenson Library faculty/staff is responsible for establishing and updating this policy and accompanying guidelines, based on overall University policies regarding the placement of displays on University property.

The Stevenson Library Display Windows' Coordinator, appointed by the Director, is responsible for scheduling and monitoring the use of the Display Windows. A second Stevenson Library faculty/staff member, also appointed by the Director, will serve as backup Coordinator.

The Stevenson Library Display Windows are available to Lock Haven University faculty, staff, and students promoting University related activities and/or organizations. Personal use of the Display Windows is inappropriate.

Display Contents: Display contents must reflect the purpose and mission of the Organization as it relates to the University and must conform to generally accepted standards of public displays as well as to all state and federal laws and regulations.

Stevenson Library is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen display items.

Supplies: Stevenson Library will provide the Display Window Case as well as a step stool, stapler, tape, scissors, pens, and pencils. The exhibitor will be responsible for all other supplies needed to complete the display.

Guidelines: Specific guidelines for Display Window use are listed on a separate document which is made available to each group using a window. Organizations will be assigned Display Windows on a first come, first served basis.

Organizations will be allotted one week display times with display placements taking place on Tuesdays and display removals taking place on Mondays unless otherwise arranged by the Coordinator.
Any organization which is unable to remove a display at the previously agreed upon time must contact the Display Window Coordinator immediately to make other arrangements. All displays remaining in a window at another organization's designated placement time will be removed, boxed, and forwarded to the University's "lost and found" located at the Campus Security Office.

Procedures: A representative of the organization wishing to utilize the Display Window must contact the Display Window Coordinator to schedule a Display Window. The organization's representative will consult with the Display Window Coordinator and the coordinator will assign: 1) a display window; 2) a date and time to place the display; 3) a date and time to remove the display. The Display Window scheduling books, appropriately labeled, are kept at the Coordinator's desk. The Display Window Coordinator will provide the representative with a copy of the Guidelines whereon scheduled window, dates, and times are indicated. The representative will review the document and pose any questions he/she may have. The representative then signs the document indicating agreement with its provisions and the document then becomes a contract between the Library and the Organization. Failure to comply with the terms of the agreement will jeopardize the Organization's chances for Display Window use in the future.




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