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 Stevenson Library Instruction Room: Purpose, Policies and Procedures


Purpose, Policies and Procedures


The Library Instruction Room is intended primarily as a research and delivery facility for instruction sessions that support the Information Literacy mission of Stevenson Library and Lock Haven University's curriculum. This classroom has been designed primarily for instructional sessions that make use of collaborative teaching/learning methods, multimedia, and/or electronic source materials available through the Library.


The Library Instruction Room is located on the First Floor of Stevenson Library, in back of the 24 Hour Study Room. It is equipped with 18 laptop computers, an instructor's workstation, a Smartboard and projection system. University's and SSHE network resources are available in the classroom.


Sessions in the Library Instruction Room, when available, are scheduled according to the following priorities:


  • Classes or sessions sponsored by Stevenson Library for the students, faculty, and staff of Lock Haven University.
  • Classes or sessions that focus course-integrated library instruction and information resources directly related to research and life-long learning. Requests for regularly scheduled classes, lectures, or seminars will not be approved.
  • Stevenson Library Team training sessions
  • Symposia, workshops, or special sessions sponsored by Lock Haven University and for an audience of LHU faculty, students, staff and alumni and satisfying one of the following criteria:

    Classes or sessions are taught by LHU faculty
    Classes or sessions sponsored by academic departments or other official units of the University.


Scheduling the Instruction Room:


  • Priority in scheduling classes will be given to students for library instruction.
  • The periods from late August to Mid-November and early January to mid-March are especially busy times for library instruction. The Stevenson Library Instruction Room must be kept free, from 8:00 am through 5pm, for Library/information literacy-related instruction during these periods.
  • During these times, no other requests for use of the room will be considered until one week prior to the event. Decisions regarding such requests will be at the discretion of the Dean of Library and Information Services and the Instruction Coordinator.
  • At non-peak times other requests will be considered that relate to either the University's or Library's mission on campus. No other group will be able to monopolize the room, so in general no more than 3 sessions for any one purpose will be approved.
  • Stevenson Library's Reference Technician will be in charge of maintaining the classroom's calendar.


General Policies:


  • Requests for uses of the room beyond library instruction may be directed to the Dean of Library and Information Services.
  • Laptops and the Instructor's workstation are not to be reconfigured. Software may only be added as requested in advance. A minimum of two (2) weeks advance notice will be required. In general, software will not be loaded for one-time-only use.
  • Library Instruction has the first priority for use of the laptops. Exceptions to this rule may be made if the instructor presents detailed documentation justifying the need and if the exception will not limit the availability of the laptop computers for Library instruction sessions.
  • The Classroom's doors will be unlocked 10 minutes before class and locked immediately after class.
  • No food or drink is permitted in the classroom.