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 Student Library Employees


Student library employees are an essential and valued part of the staff at Stevenson Library, Clearfield Campus Library and the Lock Haven University Community. Student employees will adhere to all library policies and procedures (e.g. confidentiality of patron records).


  • They will handle all library material and equipment with care
  • Students representing the library will be courteous and have an approachable demeanor at all times when interacting with the public.
  • Patience and poise are essential in troubleshooting situations.
  • Conflicts with library patrons should be turned over to the supervisor.
  • Student employees should be conscientious about the quality and accuracy of their work.
  • Work related issues and concerns should be discussed with the supervisor.


Satisfactory work peformance is expected of student employees. If a department determines that a student is not meeting work expectations, the situation should be discussed with the student as soon as possible to ensure that the student understands the job responsibilities.




  • Supervisors will be responsible for ensuring that student employees do not work more than assigned hours, and will monitor reported hours worked on time sheets.
  • Student employees keep time sheet records current and complete (sign, date, total) by pay period deadlines and meet all requirements relating to posting their hours on e-time.
  • If illness or some other unexpected circumstance prevents a student employee's attendance at work, the supervisor will be notified as soon as possible.
  • Adherence to a prearranged schedule is a basic requirement of employment, however reasonable accommodations can be made to provide flexible time for students when needed (i.e. tests, finals, etc.) as long as time schedules have been pre-approved by the supervisor.


Unauthorized absences are grounds for disciplinary action.


Refer to your Library Student Handbook for complete details