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How do I get a student worker job in the library?

  • Remember that the best time to ask about open positions is at the beginning of the semester
  • Ask at the Circulation Desk
  • Print and complete the student job application form. You may drop it off at the Circulation Desk or mail to: Stevenson Library Circulation Desk, Lock Haven University, 401 N. Fairview Street, Lock Haven, PA 17745


How do I cite material for a paper?

Confirm with your professor what format you should use (MLA, APA, CBE, etc.).
Follow the links on our Style Guide Links page.

You didn’t answer my question. Who can I ask?

A reference librarian will be happy to answer your questions or let you know who you should speak to. Call 570.893.2468 @ Stevenson Library or 814.768.3411 @ Clearfield Campus Library, or you can look at our ASK US! for a list of alternative ways to contact us.

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