Applied Computer Science & Information Systems

This degree will provide you with strong skills to solve real-world problems. Employers are seeking students with expertise in computing and information systems. Three of the six fastest growing careers are in Computing as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2006-2016. Our program will allow you to acquire hands-on problem solving skills under the guidance of a faculty with considerable industrial and research experience.  Several different tracks are available to suit a variety of interests and career goals.                       

Mobile & Game Development Track

This track emphasizes software development and prepares you for a wide range of careers in some of today’s newest and most in-demand technology areas. Students learn coding skills at increasing levels of complexity throughout the program. Many courses are project-based, emphasizing the importance of translating concepts to operational prototypes. Topics covered include areas such as Computer Graphics, Mobile Device Programming, Software Engineering, Game Programming, Machine Learning and Robotics. The skills you acquire in this program will prepare you for a career in computer   programming, software engineering, game development, and mobile device programming.                       

Database & Network Administration Track

This track emphasizes Systems Administration with a focus on Database and Network Administration. It prepares you with highly sought after skills for a career in the Information Technology field. You will gain considerable hands-on experience with Database Application Development, Database Administration, Network Administration, Operating System Administration, and Network Security.                       

Interdisciplinary Computing Track

This track provides the flexibility for you to apply a solid foundation of Applied Computing to a wide variety of fields including, but not limited to, Art, Biology, Business, Nanotechnology,   Music, Physics, and Psychology. With our faculty’s guidance, this track provides the flexibility for you to create a personally-tailored degree program to meet your unique talents and career goals.                       


Our programs provide many opportunities for hands-on experience. Our students have performed internships at a wide variety of businesses including Deloitte & Touche, GlaxoSmithKline, IBM, Restek Corp., Lock Haven Hospital, the Jersey Shore School District, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, and Masland Industries.