The B.A. degree in Art is designed to develop visual literacy and aesthetic awareness.  Along with art appreciation and art history skills that focus on visual and cultural aspects, the studio courses introduce the student to a variety of traditional and contemporary art media and content.                       

The program provides flexibility with advanced course selections for concentration within preferred studio disciplines.                       

Although a portfolio is not required for admission to the BA program in Art, it is recommended that samples of work should be presented early on for advising purposes.  Students are required to submit a portfolio for evaluation prior to their senior year.  Participation in a senior exhibit, which is required before graduation, should demonstrate even greater competencies with special refinements in the student’s chosen concentration.                       

Job Opportunities

Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Studio Art, work as professional artists, in an art-related business, or in the area of electronic design. Specializations are offered in 3D and 2D art, as well as graphic and on-line interactive design.                       


International education offers opportunities for enrichment studies abroad. Internships, independent studies, seminars on campus and abroad, and visiting art exhibits afford opportunities to relate vocational and academic interests.