This interdisciplinary degree is a joint program with both the Biology and Chemistry Departments. Whichever track you choose, you will study theory in both disciplines along with extensive hands-on work in laboratories. All courses are taught by dedicated professors, not graduate assistants. You will get the individual attention you need to succeed. This degree will prepare you for careers in research and development labs, the pharmaceutical industry, a variety of healthcare settings or government agencies. Alternately, you may choose to continue your education in graduate, medical, pharmacy.

Pre-Medicine Track

With an aging population, the demand for doctors of all types will continue to increase.Biology/Chemistry is the ideal major if you are planning to attend medical school. LHU graduates have had great success in gaining admission to leading medical schools.                       

Pre-Dentistry Track

The demand for dentists remains strong. This track will provide you with a solid foundation in biology and chemistry to qualify you for admission to a professional dental school.                       

Pre-Pharmacy Track

Since pharmacists use chemical compounds to treat biological conditions, the biology/chemistry degree is a natural choice for preparation for pharmacy school. You will have a strong foundation on how the two sciences are interconnected. Pharmacists will continue to play a very important role in healthcare and remain in high demand.                       

Pre-Veterinary Medicine Track

Animals are an important part of our lives, whether as pets or as part of our agricultural industry. Therefore, their health and maintenance is important. This track will provide a strong emphasis on animal biology and physiology to prepare you for admission to veterinary school.                       

Medical Technology Track

For the first three years, you will take classes at the Lock Haven University campus.The senior year will be spent in an approved clinical setting, such as one of our affiliates: Susquehanna Health Systems, St. Vincent Hospital, Altoona Hospital, or Robert Packer Hospital. After completing this track, you will be qualified to take the state medical technology certification examination. Once certified, you will be able to work in a variety of healthcare settings such as doctors' offices, clinics, hospitals, and diagnostic centers.