As a Chemistry major, you will be working in the lab beginning in your freshman year, gaining plenty of hands-on experience. Your small classes will be taught by professors, not graduate assistants, who will give you the individualized attention you need to develop as scientists - experiment, ask questions, investigate, and collaborate with faculty on research projects.                       

The B. S. Chemistry degree prepares you to work in a variety of laboratory settings in government, private industry, and nonprofit/environmental organizations.                       

Many of our graduates have successful careers as research & development scientists, laboratory technicians, technical consultants, and customer support personnel for chemical companies. Others continue to graduate or professional schools to study for an advanced degree.                       

One of the best ways to develop as a chemist and scientist is by participating in undergraduate research. Our comfortable student to faculty ratio gives you the opportunity to work closely with a chemist on novel research projects. The chemistry faculty supervise student research in all of the major chemistry sub disciplines: analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic, physical, chemical education, and nanotechnology.                       

Secondary Education – Chemistry

This degree prepares you to teach chemistry in grades 7 - 12. Along with your extensive coursework in chemistry, you will also study teaching theory and methods of classroom management. You will have a variety of hands-on field experiences in schools as well as a semester of student teaching during your senior year in a middle school and a  high school setting. Our unique dual-advisor program means that you will have two                           academic advisors - one from the Education Department and one from the Chemistry Department so that you will be sure to have the skills you need to teach after graduation. Our graduates have a high success rate in finding teaching positions in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S.                       


You will be well prepared to be very competitive in applying for an internship with the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF). Through this program, you will work for ten weeks during the summer at a predominately research-oriented university. You may also qualify for an internship with a local chemical company such as Avery-Dennison Performance Polymers, Croda, Inc., and Lonza.