An English major at Lock Haven University has the option of joining one of two concentrations.

Literature Concentration

The emphasis of this degree is on the study of great and influential English literature. You will develop your ability to read with comprehension, to think critically and to write clearly. This will prepare you for a career in a wide variety of areas, such as business and government, where the ability to write well is essential. Other career choices include journalism, public relations, politics, and publishing. Or you may choose to continue to graduate school, pursuing an advanced degree in English or law.                       

Writing Concentration

This degree stresses the development of creative or applied writing skills through practice and exposure to great literature. You will gain experience in a variety of writing forms to prepare for a career in professional writing, editing, or publishing. You may also choose to continue to graduate school for an advanced degree in rhetoric and composition or creative writing.                       


Our graduates have found careers as editors, directors of information systems, writing center directors, researchers, lawyers, paralegals, technical writers, reporters, and management analysts. Others have gone on to Ph.D. or M.F.A. programs.