Exploratory Studies

If you're not really sure what you want to major in at LHU, then you are not alone. At least three out of four incoming freshmen nationwide have some form of uncertainty about what career goals they want to pursue. Entering college with an open mind about your future may indeed be very positive.                       

So don't worry. You can enter college in the Exploratory Studies program and begin your required General Education courses which apply toward degrees in all majors. And as you sample different courses, you may find your niche that you hadn't even considered before. But you must be serious about exploring different majors since you will want to declare your major early enough to graduate on time.                       

In this program, you will be advised by faculty in the Department of Academic Development & Counseling and other selected faculty. This department and the Exploratory Studies Advising Office will assist you in choosing a major through advising, testing and assessment of your interests & abilities, and career counseling.                       

The Department of Academic Development and Counseling offers several courses designed with Exploratory Studies students in mind:                       

A First Year Seminar for Exploratory Studies Students (ADAC119). Introduction to Academic & Personal Development (ADAC101). Introduction to Career/Life Planning (ADAC125).                       

The Academic Majors Fair each September is a superb chance for you to become acquainted with all majors & minors at "The Haven." In addition, there are workshops, programs, and informational meetings to help you make the right decision.                       

All professors regardless of department are more than willing to discuss their fields, career options and more. You can join various clubs or volunteer in an area of interest that will further expose you to what each field has to offer you. And you may also want to include a study abroad semester in your academic planning.                       

So don't feel pressured into making a quick decision that will affect the rest of your college experience and indeed your life. You will find all the help you need here at "The Haven."