Traditional Track

Mathematicians are in high demand in national security, government, and industry.  Within a strong liberal arts framework, you will explore the field of mathematics in its applied and pure forms. You will learn advanced concepts in depth including geometry, abstract algebra, and use of statistical and differential models. You may enhance your studies through research and math conferences to prepare to work in careers in industry, business and government or to continue your studies in graduate school.

Actuarial Track

You will explore actuarial mathematics in this track which includes probability and statistics, financial mathematics, economics, and accounting. The coursework will prepare you to become a professional actuary who has the capability of designing financially sound insurance policies and pension plans.

Biomathematics Track

In this track you will use mathematical models to help understand phenomena in biology. The coursework will prepare you for graduate studies as well as for research in the pharmaceutical industry and government laboratories. You will be encouraged to participate in research projects and attend math conferences to enhance your educational experience.

Mathematics - Secondary Education Concentration

Secondary mathematics teachers are also in high demand. You will be prepared to teach mathematics to students in grades 7 - 12 through the knowledge gained from your mathematics courses as wellas courses in educational psychology, classroom management, educational media and teaching methods. Our curriculum emphasizes classroom field experience through two Methods of Teaching Mathematics courses. Before your student teaching semester, you will have approximately 100 hours of observation or teaching in a classroom setting. In your senior year, you will spend 14 weeks student teaching (7 weeks in a middle school and 7 weeks in a high school) in the area. You may also choose to student teach abroad for seven weeks in a country such as Australia or England.

Minor in Mathematics and Middle School Mathematics

You can broaden your educational experiences and your marketability by earning a minor in Mathematics or in Middle School Mathematics.