This degree prepares you for entrance into graduate school for a master's or Ph.D. degree in a physics- related discipline. In addition, you may choose to work in a variety of areas such as industry, computer science, business, or engineering. There are also opportunities to work for government agencies on all local, state and federal levels. Our alumni have found positions with NASA, the Pennsylvania State Department of Transportation, and Fermi National Acceleration Lab.                       

Applied Physics- Nanotechnology Track

Nanotechnology is being used in everything from electronics to medicine to industry and Lock Haven University is on the cutting edge. In addition to the regular lectures and laboratories at LHU, you will learn core technical skills during an intense summer semester at the Nanofabrication Center at Penn State University. New, ever more diverse, applications of this technology create a strong demand for professionals with these skills. Students have done internships at Hershey Medical School and Cabot Microelectronics in Chicago among others.

Secondary Education – Physics

This major prepares you to teach physics to students in grades 7-12. Lock Haven's nationally accredited science education program equips prospective teachers with the skills and knowledge to succeed in middle and high school classrooms. Along with your extensive coursework in physics, you will study science teaching methods and classroom management. You will have a variety of experiences in schools including a semester of student teaching during your senior year in both a middle school and a high school setting.