Psychology (B.A.)

The B.A. in Psychology allows you to choose either a counseling/clinical track or an experimental/physiological track. Both tracks will expose you to diverse areas of psychology including developmental, cognitive, physiological, social and clinical.

LHU believes that the best way to prepare students for the discipline of psychology is to apply the methods of science to ask and answer questions concerning the mind, behavior, and brain. The Department of Psychology at Lock Haven University endeavors to stimulate our students' intellect and curiosity in the acquisition and understanding of the discipline.                       

Both practical experience and classroom learning are integrated to provide students with the widest range of approaches and perspectives in the area of psychology. Through a unique three course research sequence, students develop skills in applying psychological science to questions about mind, behavior, and brain.

With your degree in psychology, you may pursue a wide variety of career options such as administration/ management, business/industry, casework, childcare, human resources, employment services and health care. Additionally, there are positions in market research, probation and parole, psychiatric assisting, sales, and technical writing. Recent graduates have been employed by university labs, mental health centers, and youth center.