Social Work

This major prepares students for beginning level social work practice as a generalist social work practitioner.  Admission to the major requires that students meet all of the professional and academic standards defined by the Council on Social Work Education, which is adhered to by the program as part of its accreditation. Skills and competencies are taught to prepare the student to practice in a wide range of social service agencies.                       


This major requires a minimum 430-hour field practicum, which is taken in a one-semester block. The faculty work with students to select a field practicum agency that meets agreed upon learning objectives. Students are expected to meet general education overlay requirements of the college. In recent years, students have completed internships with child welfare agencies, prisons, nursing homes, and hospitals, schools and many other human service agencies.                       


Graduates receiving a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Social Work are prepared for generalist social work practice and have the skills to be employed in an entry-level position in any human service agency, regardless of client group or   mission of the agency. These could include child welfare agencies, hospitals and nursing homes, school and youth service agencies, offices of aging, mental health and mental retardation agencies, correctional institutions, and community residential programs. Other agencies include those that serve the homeless, people with HIV/AIDS, those with drug and alcohol issues, and domestic violence.