Lock Haven University Announces CAT and Meritorious Award Winners


LOCK HAVEN, Pa.- Three Lock Haven University employees received Meritorious Recognition Awards, as well as Collaboration and Teamwork Awards at the 2013 President’s Open Meeting on August 22. Mr. Albert Jones, Assistant to the President and Associate Director of Human Resources, presented the awards.

Meritorious Achievement Award winners are nominated by their peers as individuals who are outstanding contributing members to the LHU community. Recipients must embody the definition of merit: value, excellence, or superior quality. Areas of excellences can be service on the job, to customers/constituents, promoting positive morale, personal and professional development, and team building.

Ms. Jeni Lucas, Administrative Assistant, Student Life/Housing Office, “demonstrates the kind of professionalism that Lock Haven University needs from its employees. She truly loves what she does and her patience, caring and uplifting personality makes the workplace a very positive place to work”.

Mr. Kenneth Clausen, Custodian, Facilities Department was recognized for being “enthusiastic and helping to promote a positive morale through his congenial, friendly, helpful and supportive attitude”.

Mr. Kenny Hall, Director, Human and Cultural Diversity, “consistently shows excellence in all he does. Whether it is working with students to achieve their goals, or supporting co-workers. He goes above and beyond in all cases and always with passion and enthusiasm”.

The Collaboration and Teamwork Award (CAT) recognizes groups, programs, departments, or committees that demonstrate collaboration and teamwork in the advancement of the University’s mission and goals. The award winning committee was the Commencement Committee, which consisted of the following individuals: Dr. Donna Wilson, Dr. Tammy Rich, Ms. Tammie Allen, Mr. Paul Altieri, LTC. Nikolai Andresky, Ms. Susan Ashley, Ms. Amy Bechdel, Ms. Gwen Bechdel, Mr. Craig Rhoads, Mr. Jack Schmidt, Dr. Dave Bower, Mr. Andrew Cajka, Ms. Valerie Dixon, Dr. Zak Hossain, Mr. Rodney Jenkins, Dr. Michael McSkimming, Ms. Jill Mitchley, Dr. Jane Penman, and Ms. Mary Kate Hanna.

Lock Haven University is a member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), the largest provider of higher education in the commonwealth. Its 14 universities offer more than 250 degree and certificate programs in more than 120 areas of study. Nearly 405,000 system alumni live and work in Pennsylvania.