Just a rumor, no threat of school shooting

According to the Lock Haven Express

Keystone Central School Superintendent Kelly Hastings assures parents that there has been no school shooting nor any threat of a shooting at any schools. "There never was a threat. It's just a rumor. There was never any indication there was an issue.," she said this morning, noting that the false information surfaced Sunday and became a social media event overnight. Hastings said the district is investigating how the information got started and again assured parents that this information is purely rumor.

A seperate message from Lock Haven University President:

"As President of the University, I want to reiterate this headline: “Just a rumor, no threat of school shooting.”, said LHU President, Dr. Michael Fiorentino.  "We are aware of the rumors and want to reassure our campus community that the Lock Haven University Department of Public Safety is working with local and state law enforcement agencies and determined there is no threat to any student, staff, or faculty.  We will continue to monitor the situation to assure the safety of our community."