Lock Haven University Business Freshmen Learn About Making Connections

December 13, 2013 - Business Administration students at Lock Haven University attended a semi-professional business social event in the Durrwachter Alumni Conference Center ballroom Wednesday, November 20, 2013. Students in the freshman-only Introduction to Business class were provided the opportunity to meet and talk with peer student mentors, learn more about careers in business, and attend their first business professional presentation.

Upper division students understand the importance of having a student "guide" to help with being successful in achieving academic, personal and social success. Liz Tilburg, a junior in the business program, volunteered to serve as a role model and mentor to first year students. As she recalls, "I volunteered to be a peer mentor because I remember what it was like in my freshman year. You wish you had someone closer to your own age and to help you understand how to maneuver through the ups and downs of college study."

A highlight of the evening included invited guest speakers Ryan Scaife, President of Game Changing Solutions, and Tyler Walstrom, Artist/Owner of Rock and Ruthless Tattoo Parlor. Both are recent graduates of the Lock Haven University business program. "Revisiting the University was a refreshing change of pace. It was quite a milestone to be attending as a speaker rather than a student. It was certainly rewarding to return to the university to talk about my experience as a student and accomplishment in starting my own business in my hometown of Philipsburg."

Having started their own businesses soon after graduation, both guests spoke to the students about the importance of making the best use of their time in the classroom to create professional meaning

for their future. "Talent will only take you so far. Skill is developed through hours and hours of beating on your craft, and dedicating yourself to what you believe in. Running a business has its up's and down's, and although it is very rewarding you have to stay focused on what you do, and rely on what you have learned" cautioned Scaife.

Scaife and Walstrom emphasized that having a vision for the future and a passion for what they do provided the fuel for starting their own successful businesses now located in their hometown of Philipsburg, PA.  Scaife alerted students to start thinking now about tomorrow. "Building a network is always the foundation for me. Relying on relationships you've developed in the past to help create opportunities for new ones in the future. That's what every new business should take the time to do."

Ryan Scaife is a 2010 graduate of Lock Haven University. His company, Game Changing Solutions (GCS), is an award-winning marketing design agency that serves a nationwide market. GCS provides brand development, graphic design, advertising strategy, web development and other marketing programs for such companies as Shortfuse Gas field Trucking (Butler, PA); Professional Gasfield (Clearfield, PA); Terra Works, Inc. (Clarion, PA); Little Pine Resources (Houston, Texas); and Win Magazine (Newton, Iowa). Game Changing Solutions is located at 1 N Front St #201, Philipsburg, PA 16866.

Tyler Walstrom is a 2012 graduate of the LHU business program. He follows his passion for art and applies his personal style and creativity by offering custom artistic designs in the booming tattoo industry.  He has a long list of clients, and a long wait list of avid seekers of his body art. So much so that he is not able to take on any new appointments until 2014! Walstrom's business, Rock and Ruthless, is located at 200 North Second Street Suite #4​, Philipsburg, PA 16866.

Lock Haven University is a member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), the largest provider of higher education in the commonwealth. Its 14 universities offer more than 250 degree and certificate programs in more than 120 areas of study. Nearly 405,000 system alumni live and work in Pennsylvania.