Tryouts, Constitution and Bylaws

All current LHU students including transfers & freshmen are invited to tryout for the Football & Basketball Performance Squads. The LHU cheerleading squad is considered a club on campus, so anyone can join and participate but those with the talent, ambition, and positive attitude are ask to join the performance squad through a tryout and team vote of the current performance members. Although talent is important to them so is team moral and spirit.

This tryout will be relatively short 3 hours to learn material and then a skill evaluation. We will have judges present during the three hours to evaluate how fast prospective cheerleaders can learn a cheer and dance. Additionally they will see everyone stunt and jump to evaluate as well. This tryout is for our performance football and basketball squads. Those who can learn information rather quickly, possess the talent and skills, and would be a good fit will be selected.

Tryout Date: Saturday August 15, 2015

Registration and more information coming soon!