New and Returning Students Housing Forms

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Forms for Students:

Lock Haven University is committed to the academic success of all of our students, and we endorse the benefits of on-campus living as a requirement for students.  Nationwide, students who live on-campus have better academic success with higher GPAs, higher completion rates of degrees, have greater satisfaction with their academic experience compared to students who reside off-campus. 

Students at Lock Haven University specifically state living on-campus has helped them transition to University life, living on-campus has added to their educational experience, and they feel safe living in the residence halls.

Living on campus affords students with opportunities that allow them to connect with others who are different from them as they gain life skills that will assist them in their success throughout their lifetime.  Lock Haven University’s commitment to the support and success of its students is demonstrated through the paraprofessional and professional staff members who live in the same building with all student residents. These individuals provide support and encouragement to students as well as strive to enforce safety and security measures in the halls.

Due to Lock Haven’s desire to increase our student success,  for the Fall 2015 semester Lock Haven University has established a new two-year residency requirement.  Students must reside on campus for their first four (4) regular semesters (summer and winter sessions not included).  Students can request an exemption from the residency policy.  Exemptions include: 

  • students who will reside with parent(s) or legal guardian, within the commuting distance of 30 miles from Lock Haven University.
  • students over the age of 21.
  • students who are married.
  • students with children.
  • transfer students who have completed a total of 4 regular semesters, including their prior college experience, or 60 credits. (Students who have completed fewer than 4 regular semesters of college, or 60 credits, will be required to live on campus.) 

Those seeking an exemption, please log into myHaven and use the myHousing Self-Service option.  Under applications you will find the Request for Exemption from Housing Requirement.   


Forms for Guests:

Lock Haven University is committed to the safety and security of both our students and all of our guests on campus.  To fill out a form, requesting to stay on campus while under the age of eighteen, please follow this link to our minor visitation form


Forms for Parents:

Lock Haven University cherishes our relationship with our student's parents.  At this time we do not have any forms for you to fill out.  When we come up with a form for you to fill out, we will put it here!  Thank you.