Request for Act 48 Credit

To request credit for Act 48 requirement (credit activity coursework), go to  This website allows professional educators to request the submission of Act 48 hours to the PA Department of Education Records Management site.

How does work?

Step 1:  Professional educators enter credit activity coursework taken

Step 2:  Providers verify that credit activity coursework was satisfactorily completed

Step 3:  Providers submit verified credit activity coursework to PDE's Records Management Site

Follow these simple steps to request Act 48 Hours/Credit

  • Visit
  • Click on Professional Educator
  • Click on Register (if you are a first-time user of the system) or click on Log On (if you have used the system previously
  • Click on Request Submission of Credits/Hours
  • Enter the requested information and click Submit

Your request will be sent to the Provider.  After the Provider verifies that the credit activity coursework was completed, the Provider will submit your credit